it's downloading...

and downloading...

haha... and yet, still downloading.

alright, done.

so much going on in the beginning...
phaser... I don't even know what else.

now some riffage... haha cool.

I wish there were drums on here for sure.

it would be so much better with drums.

cool little riff... alright.

yeah, it's weird listening to guitar tracks without drums haha, well for me... but with some work (and some drums) you could definitely have something really cool going on.

and yes... I listened to the whole thing... all 9 minutes and 20 seconds. haha.

thanks for the crit on my stuff!
The opening riff with the phaser is cool, but the lead that comes in seems to be out of key. This would definitely benefit from louder percussion (the drums are so faint!).You've got some good ideas, but you need more distinct percussion and bass to keep this musical. Also work on your guitar harmonies - they tend to clash with each other more than complement each other.

Crit for crit?