Is there any way to put a locking system at the top of a star so as to keep the strings in tune when you use the aul whammy bar?

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mmm... that'd be kind of cool.

You could always do it with a FR...but you know

Lol as good as Floyd Roses are, i want to play guitar and not spend my life restringin it! Some of the Fenders have them, but i dunno where to get i tone!

Staple the strings to the top of your fretboard

locking tuners are another alternative, seeing as a true, FR locking nut would require a lot of modification.
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I hate locking nuts with a passion, way to much upkeep when you can get the same thing with locking tuners, it also makes string changing easier, Killing two birds ya know?
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Locking tuners, graphite nut, "string saver" bridge saddles and the problem is solved unless you want to really yank it. If so, just buy a Floyd equipped guitar.