As far as saturation and break up happening on an amp how big of a difference does it make between 20w and 50w. I won't be able to turn the amp all the way up most of the time and I have heard that most tube amps sound better at higher volumes. I am deciding between the H&K 20th anniversary 20w and the Traynor Blue 50w and I just didnt know how big of a difference the two would make as far as getting a good solid sound out of the amp?
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50w will be much louder

No it won't. The volume difference will be barely noticeable.

Generally I'd go for the lower wattage, but I own the YCV50, and it's a damn good amp (just makes sure to change the tubes, the stock ones are quite muddy)
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The 50 watt will be something like 20% louder, if that. You'll get alot more clean headroom with that though.
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I don't know much about tube amps, I've never been able to afford a good one heh. I was just curious as to the difference between small wattage differences in high wattage amps, such as 120 and 150.
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there won't be much of a volume difference with both all the way up, but the traynor will start to break up at a much louder volume than the smaller, 20watt amp will.
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