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Alright, so this is the first tab I've ever put up on the forum and I'm not sure how well received it'll be in a forum that seems mainly geared towards metal tabs. But I'm still working on drums for all my metalcore songs so they'll just have to wait. (No sarcasm intended.)

Anyway. This is a really simple song that isn't in a final form yet but it gets the point across. I'm no good at drums but I think I did alright for this one. The main riff reminds me of 'Lazy Eye' by Silversun Pickups. And... yeah. Enjoy.

Please crit and I promise to return the favor.

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Why is it in .rar? It's already in a .zip. Take it out of the rar, then you'll get more listens.
I really like Lazy Eye, so I assume this'll be good. I guess I'll take the time to extract, but you should consider putting just the files in the zip rather than in a rar that's in the zip.

edit: K, listened.
It was pretty good for only being two riffs.
The first riff flowed well into the 2nd one, but it sounded weird the 2nd riff would go into the first one. Lack of bass was a bit hurting too. I assume this would be awesome with a great vocalist, but alone it's alright.
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it gets kind of repetitive because the song is basically made out of 2 riffs, you should add some bass and a Bridge or solo to break the repetitiveness a little. anyway the riffs sound great.

mind critting one of mine? choose from sig. thanks!