Hi, when reading the beginning music theory lesson I got confused about the scale construction exercise.

Say I'm constructing an E - Minor Harmonic scale and the notes for it are E F# G A B C D# E

how do I play this over the six strings?

say I start from the open E on the sixth string

6th - E F# G
5th - A B C
4th - D# E (this is where I'm confused because if i go one the next string starting with an F# then that takes me all the way to the 11th fret of the 3rd string but if i go instead
4th - D# E F#
3rd - G A B
2nd - C D# E
1st - basically start over again

or do I go

3rd - G A
2nd - B C D#
1st - E
as long as u get the notes right its all good,u can make different shapes but as long as u use those certain notes its still a e harmonic minor scale
Yep, just need to know the notes on the fretboard and work out what you are gonna play. It doesn't matter how you hit those notes on what strings, as long as you are hitting the notes that are in the scale you are playing on. The more you play with the scale the more familliar it will become second nature eventually.
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I had the same question, thanks for the help guys.
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Scales are not shapes, they're collections of notes. Play the notes anywhere you want.
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