I own a Breedlove Atlas Ac/200. I've had it for a few months and i've always noticed a "dull" sound to it. I've restrung it once and it didn't seem to help. I also hacve a crappy squier acoustic and the sound on it actually sounds so much better. its so much louder and has more detail in the sound.

One thing i know is that the action on the squier is a LOT lower than my Breedlove. Would this be why? If i lowered the action on my breedlove would the sound be less dull?

Could it just be a string issue?

Any other ideas?
People can spend thousands of dollars on guitars only to realize that all guitars are different and you don't have to spend a bundle on a good guitar. You just have to find the right guitar. Shop wisely.

But you know this. You know there are only three answers to your question. You know the answer isn't strings, you think it might be action, and the last is the wood or the build of the guitar.

Unfortunately, action doesn't do much to tone.

Perhaps you could learn to love the warmer tone.
If you dont/didnt like the sound of it, why did you buy it?

Its gona sound better the more it gets played, I love the rich warm tone of my acoustic, its thick and sounds very bassy/mid range, maybe it doesnt suit what you play but if thats the case youve made a silly purchase.
Bring back Tabo
i played a couple of the same brand at a store.

they ran out, so i ordered one online.
I dont think I'd ever buy a guitar - especially an acoustic without having played that specific one. You never know what youre gona get, sure theres quality control and all that but every guitar is different.
Bring back Tabo