I was reading online and it says think of it as "1 ee and uh 2 ee and uh" but it's a bit of a tongue twister for me, for some odd reason. So is there some other way to count out 16ths? Thanks.
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i was in band and its 1 E & A like what u said unless u can remember four clicks for every main beat like in a 4/4 meausre there would be 16 clicks
That's really the standard way to count it. If it doesn't work for you just experiment with different words or sounds. An old orchestra teacher of mine used to count 16th's sometimes by saying "Miss-iss-ip-pi." Really, any four syllable word or phrase will work, but the 1 ee and uh is the best way to do it, IMO.
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How many 16th notes go into a quarter note?

4 I think...

So you count to four at each tick.

I think i duno, on piano 16th notes are a whole lot simpler. XD
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So a phrase like "ji-mi hen-drix" would work?
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One-ah and a Two ah and a Three ah and a Four ah
Thats what I usually do, but just listen to the metronome and gte in time with the beat. Its a lot easer
Take the metronome click and start playing a note with the clicks. This is a quarter note assuming you are in 4/4.

Now double your speed. These are eighth notes.

Double speed again. These are sixteenth notes.

Drills -

try switching from quarter to eighth to sixteenth and back again. Try inventing your own phrase using only quarter eighth and sixteenth notes.

Advanced drills -
Try playing 3 strokes per click, 5 strokes per click, 7 strokes per click
Try playing 3 strokes over 2 clicks, 5 strokes over 2 clicks, 7 strokes over 2 clicks
Try making up your own.

Common advanced polyrythms include 7 over 4, 5 over 4, and 3 over 2.
...I just play 4 notes to the click. None of that silly gibberish tomfoolery.
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/\ ya, stick to the 1 e & a format because you will have to use the same basic method style when doing eight notes, triplets, etc. YOu do not want to screw yourself up trying to make new ways to learn various timings. Be consistent; it will be easier with time Pun intended?