My guitar teacher is really good, and I practice every week and do my ****. I've been playing for a while and can improvise some decent things, but I don't feel that I'm making enough progress with my teacher now. I don't enjoy what he's teaching me, all of this blues stuff, but I know it is necessary since rock came from blues.I might make more progress learning more difficult songs on my own. I know my scales, and other necessary things, but I'm not sure if I should get a new teacher, or just go on my own.
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dude i know it boring but i play black metal but i can play blues country and rock just keep with it rock on \,,/
It depends on what you want to play, so talk to your teacher, and try to come to a comprimise if you're not enjoying the material.

Try asking in Guitar & Bass Basics, they should be able to help you out more.
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