I just got home and started typing on word. That's why there's no periods or anything. Sorry in advance for spelling errors. Any rhymes are coincedental.

This is the first thing I've written that I believe in.

Floating in my island
Where we all fall
And it all comes down
And we all know how we all end
As my consequences slowly envelope
Everything I love
My stereotypes sit in an envelope
Of dark gray

And there should be so much going around right now
But there’s nothing

But if I take a step back
Then it’ll be my own step forward
And we might all fall
But we might all float
And if my color coded candle lighten eyes are right
Then we just passed my hopes
They twist and turn the fitful sleep
That I might just see, if I look a little harder
And whether I’m tired or I’m dead
The world looks a little like dark grey

And you’d think there’s so much going through my head right now
But there’s nothing

Well we all feel a little different sometimes and hey,
That’s where we are, and I think I should dive
Into that place, because it’s not so bad
When you look a little harder
And if you take two steps back
It might be a step forward
But if you’re easygoing,
Then it’ll all come around
And the grey fades away

There should be nothing going through my head right now
But there may be something
Give it a title or just put "Untitled".
So good to see you once again.
I thought that you were hiding.
And you thought that I had run away.
Chasing the tail of dogma.
I opened my eye and there we were .