Hey UG... quick question for anybody who cares to answer. I'm looking for a new amp, and I am considering trying out something like this . Now what I was wondering is that, since it seems to me that this amp has no effects loop, how should/could I go about using my pedals with this amp? From the little I understand, since I want to use the amps natural overdrive (albeit only occasionally) then I should not put effects like my phase shifter or reverb before the amp. Since there's no loop, can I not use these effects unless I am playing clean and using pedals for distortion? Or am I completely off here? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
You just put them in front of the amp. It might not sound as great, but that's how they did it when there were no effects loops. Jimi sounded good with a Univibe, didn't he?
yeah just place everything in front. many people use their fulltone dejavibes (univibe clone) even before their wahs.

does the HRD have really nice breakup?(never played one) if not i think you'd be better off using a pedal anyways.