This is a jam I did to learn to use my new recorder. I thought it a good idea to just jam before trying to do a real song. The results were pleasing and listenable in this experiment so I decided to put it up on my site.

The new recorder is a boss BR 600 . So far my opinion of it is Its drums are good. Its guitar sounds are not. It may be I am more familier with the Pod and thats why it sounds so much better. I dabbled with the guitar sounds in the Boss though and was not pleased at all.

The guitar sounds in this :Pod set to Roland amp setting bass played through pod on Bassman setting. Drums are in the Boss recorder.

dude i love all your jazz stuff!

this one is good it makes me wanna close my eyes and bob my head up and down haha

and if it does that, you know its good
It's pretty sweet. I love Jazz guitar.
I have nothing negative.
Just makes me smile.
Sorry I wasn't that constructive

It's better to burn out than to fade away.

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