Okay, so I and a couple friends have talked about getting a band together this summer and yadda yadda yadda yadda you've heard this a 1000 times before. Here's my question. I know how to write a song (with the whole riff/chords/verse/chorus/bridge/lyrics/ singing thing figured out, done it dozens of times. Supposedly pretty good.) But my real question is, how does one approach writing a song as a band? I mean, obviously a song must have a backbone, but how does a band build off of that backbone? My real problem is that I can’t seem to find any musicians “talented” to invent or add onto a song themselves, leaving me to believe I’ll have to write a bass/guitar piece for them, as all they’ve ever done is memorize tabs. So, basically, I’m just asking, do most bands usually have one main songwriter who invent parts for each of them, or, as I suspect, are they usually 4 or so equally talented individuals who can add their own part of a song as needed?
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It can go both ways. I am in relatively successful band (sold a few hundred CDs) and have been for a couple years. Sometimes we jam out something we like and then get to brass tacks on it, or someone has a main idea they bring and we develop it. Everyone always contributes, and I really enjoy this method. Sometimes we do lyrics together, or sometime one person has just the right idea, that just needs a bit a tweaking.

You should head over to bandleading though.
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