Hey all, really starting to get bored with my Jackson, and have begun thinking of ways i could customize it, so far all i could think of was to stick a few decals on it or respray it a new colour( something ive never done well or even decently before) and possibly convert it to a hardtail because the trem never gets used.

Does anyone have any ideas? you can find a picture of the guitar in my sig.

You could start by blocking off your bridge if you want. It's super easy. All you have to do is insert a block of wood into the bottom cavity between the front of your bridge and your body. Simple, and easy to reverse if you want to sell it one day. You could also put new pickups in it. Speed knobs maybe? Straplocks? Pretty much just baby steps until you feel confident enough to maybe paint it one day.
Signatures are overrated.
Speed Knobs, strap-locks and blocking the bridge (as described above) are all excellent places to start. If it makes any "scratchy" noises when you adjust the tone or volume I'd suggest a change of pots. Otherwise I'm always one to encourage changing electronics (pickups, re-wiring for phase switching, tap coil or a kill switch, etc).

Paint jobs are silly things. If you don't like the way the guitar looks then why the hell did you buy it!?
Because it was the only one i could afford that wasnt a strat :P and its not so much i dont like it, i just hate the fingerprints and smudges that plague it after a night of playing, it pisses me of to no end. I would have preffered a metallica grey but the model i got was only avaliable in either royal blue(gay) or glossy black.

Ok those sound ok, i was actually looking at some Dimarzio cliploks earlier today but i was asking for the 3 inch version because 2 inch straps feel really small on me.

One thing i have noticed though is that whenever i try and adjust the tone knob om my guitar even if i turn it a tiny bit it induces horrible feedback from my amp.