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To all of you out there heres a question. What sort of guitar would God play and what would the Devil play? Write down whatever you think.
god: probably a white jem
devil: bc rich of some kind haha
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God: Gibson Les Paul Goddess
Satan: Kerry King's BC Rich Warlock...its scary
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god = a white with gold everything les paul

devil = a gold fiddle
god= Les Paul Alpine White
Devil= Dean Dime Razorback Explosion or a BC Rich
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God would play a white strat that sustains forever

the devil would probably play some kind of custom moser
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God - Alpine-White Jackson RR3

Satan - The freakiest of the freakiest guitars out there............Daisy Rock
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god will not play the guitar because the devil crushed his guitar with the edge of his jackson kelly
"God" would play a FirstAct Guitar and pwn us all. Or maybe a tissue box with rubber bands, and still be able to shred.

The "Devil" would play a Violin of course, he didn't go down to Georgia for nothin'.
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god would play a white strat and the devil would play a jackson RR24 with blood red bevels XD
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God: A Gretsch. God is a country rocker
Devil: A B.C.Rich WMD warbeast. The devil is a cool ****er
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God would play a white strat that sustains forever

Spot on

The devil would play a Bronze Warlock with a 15 watt Line 6 spider...the epitomy of guitar evil.
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GOD=Gibson Les Paul In Alpine White

Devil=a mandolin

God > devil

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Devil would have a Red stratocaster with a black pickguard, a maple neck, a flatmount floyd rose with DiMarzo HS-3s
God would have a worn sunburst strat with a white pickguard and some fender vintage noiselesses.

That or they'd both be playing their squier beginner packs trying to play like Steve Vai. . the real god!
God wouldn't play anything 'cause he can't play anything and well, mainly for (personal agressive reasons I don't tell for not being warned or banned here ^^')

Devil would be able to shred with both hands and feet at the same time... maybe on a B.C. Rich Stealth?? xD
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God: White Fender Stratocaster
Devil: Probably a Dean.

There are some pics of some (ESP?)guitars whose bodies are formed as an angel and a devil
I'm not sure God would play an electric guitar...but forget that thought. I think a white strat with noiseless single coils is most likely for most stuff. He might pull out the white Gibson Les Paul with gold humbuckers for Casting Crowns and Kutless. The devil would play those demonic shaped guitars, all black with emgs...
Well, from a purely biblical perspective, Satan was the angel of music, so i reckon either god wouldn't play anything in protest, or satan would make it so he really sucks. So god would play a terrible guitar (i know im gonna get a load of crit here!); an SG. Satan would play a telecaster, naturally (or supernaturally..)
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True...but God is God! He could play anything as skillfully as He wished seeing as He created the angel of music.
God would play a Fender Strat. Hence why he is better than you.

The Devil would probably play a large BC Rich spiky thing.
God would play a white falcon
Devil would play a razorback or something
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god = a white with gold everything les paul

devil = a gold fiddle

haha! futurama?
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god = a white with gold everything les paul

devil = a gold fiddle

haha! futurama?

No, the Devil went down to Georgia and he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind because he was way behind and he was willin' to make a deal. Well, long story short, a good ole' boy beat the Devil's ass in a fiddle contest. The Devil had to give up his gold fiddle and the good ole' boy (named Jonny) said "Keep it. I'll kick your ass any time you want." It's a classic, man! It's "Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Charlie Daniels.

God= The First Act/Tissue Box idea
Devil= Gold Fiddle
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Something like that.

<3 Tenacious D.

haha that's dave from foo fighters and nirvana .

god :perhaps a squier strat put thru a marshall mg15 ?

devil :3 neck jem !
I dont know why only one person has mentioned it but i think god would play a Gretsch White Falcon. I mean they are classic, gold and white, terrible expensive and to most guitarist somewhat worshipped as they will never be good enough to warrant spending 5k on a guitar.

The devil would have to play like a white RR24 with blood splatter paint job just to sort of show like death of angel or holy...

/end sleep deprived ramblings
God : "the" guitar hendrix played at woodstock and no other.

Devil : A hello kitty affinity strat.. because he´s too cool for words.
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God: An Artcore Ibanez, 'cos hes into Jazz and already gave Jesus his old Telecaster made in Genesis.

Devil: A Jackson RR Flying V, with an OFR.

I like this game, can we add Death?
Death: The Scythe guitar from Guitar Hero II or a Steinberger, he has to travel a lot.
God: His own made guitar brand called "GOD" and it would be made holy n sound holy

Devil: Some cheap red sg copy wif a tail sticking out
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