this should be the final part of my guitar search
for my perfect metal guitar under 1000$ AUS
i wouldve decided by now
but im now looking for a guitar with.. shape
yes shape
the thing that makes the guitar stand out
the thing that makes your friends go..
dude.. nice guitar..
you all know that?
time for you to help me find it
oh it has too sound good too
im in a new band that plays metal.. therefore i need a new guitar to play metal
i need a good metal guitar
the band will play most metal like:
A7X metallica trivium and random others
help please
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Schecter. Not sure how much they are down under, but I'd reccomend the C-1 Hellraiser or the C-1 Hellraiser FR if you're into that sort of thing.
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what the **** dude seriously why couldn't you just use the other thread you created

also if your gonna be playing metal then your going to be needing an amp to play metal
i know.. il be gettin an amp too i dont need help with that
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fine well like i asked last time would you like a floyd rose or not? and passive or active pickups?
im not sure floyd roses are annoying at times right?
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The shape depends. The shape that I love is a strat shape. When I see a kelly 3, or weird shapes, I just don't like it. So my recommendation is an Ibanez RG2570. Perfect for shred, metal, for everything actually.

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im not sure floyd roses are annoying at times right?

not all the time. though it depends on whether you like to change tunings or not
i change tunings a fair bit
im thinking RG its on my list cept for the 'shape' but that will be it if i cant find a 'shape' guitar
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save up around $1200-$1500 and buy a pro series jackson... seriously.

otherwise you've got your ibanez icemans and what not, but the pickups are trash. Schecters are good and beat ibanez in the same price range IMO. But saying that i'd go for the jackson over the schecter lol.
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so schecter.. if i cant go over 1000$?
what model hellraiser?
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and lets just ignore the bridge what other guitars do you recommend
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If you want 'shape' and metal...

Get an Epiphone Explorer and swap the pickups. That will be less than $1000 AUS and will be a kickarse guitar with 'shape'

Even a G400 with a pickup change would be a good guitar for less than 1000.