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Ok... trying to redeem myself from a few bad threads I've started,

What was the first song you ever learned to play on the guitar?

For me it was Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
That Cheap Fucking Smile Carries You To Bed

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Probably "Judas Priest - Breaking the law"

"Leave No Man Behind" from the Black Hawk Down soundtrack. Did it by ear, with some help from my father and brother. It was a nice first-song on the classical.
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
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Some religious song...I think it was Shine Jesus Shine....I'm embarrassed about that.
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Seven Nation Army was my first full song too lol.
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First full song was Dying in your Arms - Trivium

But we have all played most of songs, just that was the first one all the way through.
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everybody says smoke on the water BUT can u play it all the way through....... yeah thats what i thought! and to stay on topic Pretty Fly for a White Guy all the way through coz im so metal
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Songbird by Oasis...cos its bloody easy
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first whole song... stairway to heaven
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Mine was Nothing Else Matters
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Quote by Keine_Lust
First full song was Dying in your Arms - Trivium

But we have all played most of songs, just that was the first one all the way through.

Ah, a good distinction. The first song I learned a part of was also Seven Nation Army, but the first song I learned the whole thing of was Closure by Chevelle. Had to improvise the outro though, but I like it.
Erm, Killing In The Name was the first song I learnt all the way through, on bass.
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Well I learnt the bass part to Californication.
That was the first one I did all the way through, although I do remember doing sing by travis.
I learnt ThunderStrucks riff, I felt like God, then this prick came along with his Ibanez and his marshal tube, watched me play as the tubes warmed up and the BOOM he blasts out the solo at lightning speed...bastard
Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. Learned a ****load about bending and sliding and hammer-ons straight away.
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I dunno but the first I wrote was a dandy little number about my cool dog. Yeah. Beat that.
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hahahaha like every greenday song ever written! i learned nearly all of them! but apart from greenday i think it was plugin baby by muse i was determined to get it good on the first day i started playing guitar lol i just played it over and over until i could do it fast enough
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Smells Like Teen Spirit
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Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd...I'm pretty sure....
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Gone Away - The Offspring
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
I don't think I know any full songs. I phail.
Damn solos get me everytime. Saying that I don't pick "easy" songs, I beleive it's best to challenge one's ability.
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Longview green day on bass.

on guitar (i suck and pretty much dont play) - smells like teen spirit
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