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my band is playing a gig in a week and a half and we havnt played together since ages ago! we're still together but we've had GCSEs and stuff so havnt had a chance! so we're planning on playing nearly everyday until the gig only problem is our drummer has now joined another band being the singer! so we have less time to practice! the thing is i think he might have just got bored of the drums! what should we do?
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Just practise like ****, there's not much else you can do. Maybe ask the drummer if he can leave his other band until after the gig, or at least not spend too much time with them until after the gig, since he's needed in your band desperately.
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#3 everyday for a few hours? and as whalepudding said, ask your drummer to postpone the other band until after this gig.
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Good ideas from the first two guys.
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get a recording of all of you playing each song straight through. I did this ( made a dvd of it ) when I joined the metalcore/thrash band I am in. I practiced at home to it and in 3 days I was almost gig ready, and I learned like 7 new songs in those 3 days.

Just make sure everybody practices, either as a band or at home. My band has a gig every monday and we haven't had a real practice in almost a month ( last practice was May 22nd and almost everybody decided to mess around ). No major mess-ups since then I think.
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