ok so im restringing my Les Paul cuz im gonna sell it.. the thing is, iv only ever done my low e string and still i cocked that up big time. YouTube videos suck cuz i cant see what there doing, and well i cant find anything on the web. So a little help guys? Cheers
do this one string at a time, so u wint lose the tension of the neck. start at one end of the guitar and cut the string in half. remove the string. put string on and tune. move to next string. its very simple really. good luck dude
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umm thats sorta confusing lol. In all the videos iv seen, they are like puttin strings in holes then wrapping around and puttin in the hole again, its weird.
geez i guess out of all these 100s of people i guess no-one knows how to restring a guitar.. can someone just tell me how to loop it round at the top?
dude, check the "RESTRINGING Q&A" at the top of this forum.

just because someone doesnt reply straight away thats no reason at all to keep bumping your thread.
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