Looking forward to it. I was kind of apprehensive when that "Honest Goodbye" song came out, but that song's kind of grown on me, as have some of the other ones I've heard.
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One minute... haven't Bad Religion sold out...


Yes, but then they un-sold out by going back to Epitaph and having Brett rejoin the band.
Hell yeah I'm getting it

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It depends, is it gonna be better than the last one? Because I didn't like the last one.
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^I loved the last one. They really got the hang of the three guitar thing with that one.
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^I loved the last one. They really got the hang of the three guitar thing with that one.

What are you talking about? They only used one guitar on some of the songs. It was a great album though, I'm listening to it right now. Definitely getting the new one. "Heroes and Martyrs" sounds really good, and "Honest Goodbye" sounds okay, not great.
I havent heard any new songs where are they? Are they anything like generator or **** armageddon?
There are two songs up on their MySpace page. I haven't really given them a listen yet.
The songs I've heard are boring. There's no spark, but then again, I'm sick of Bad Religion. I own 8 albums and I rarely bother with them now.
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Who else can't wait for it? They have some tracks from it on their myspace. It sounds the same as all other 17 albums.

Bad Religion was literally the first real band that i had ever listened to, and for the longest time they were my favorite...i'm not so much a fan now, but honestly from the songs i've heard off the new album and the last album, i fear for BR and their ability to write the music they write best haha. they're definitely getting jaded...some artists do "jaded" well, but punk doesn't tend to handle that well...
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ill check out those new songs, listened to a bit of BR growing up, theyre good to go back to once in a while still.
i cant believe they are on warped tour, at least ill be able to see em in concert finally
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Good CD
I liked the style a lot

but I'm not sure if I liked it more than Empire Strikes First.
I need to listen to it more.
Meh i know exactly what to expect, just another "empire strikes first"...... i've not got my hopes up, if it turns out to be good, then that's great
truth is bad religions uber-clean sound right now annoys me