Yeah that's short. Mine last about a week, two if I'm lucky and that's pretty short.
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i got a pack of fender picks one time(the california geen ones) and i dont know what was up but i went through 12 in 6 hours...!!!!!!!!!! wth
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ive been using the same fender premium celluloid pick for at least 3 months, its in horrible shape though, the tip is worn out on both ends, there are notches on the sides, theres even a crack going about halfway down the middle, but its still my favorite pick...

by the way, its a medium.
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extra heavy's last for ever
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I've been using the yellow Dunlop .73mm picks on acoustic for a while. So far, they seem to hold up nicely. Perhaps some of you heavy handed players need to move to thicker picks?
Differs, I got some that has been with me since I started to play guitar (a year and a few months) and I got some that lasts like 2-3 weeks.
Quote by yock
I've been using the yellow Dunlop .73mm picks on acoustic for a while. So far, they seem to hold up nicely. Perhaps some of you heavy handed players need to move to thicker picks?

Nah, I use mediums and whilst they wear down in a week or two, I find it's the best mix between ability to strum and pick individual notes. I'm alot gentler than I was, I used to snap pics in half regularly >.< Thinking about it...I haven't broke a string in months since I changed my attack angle a bit haha.
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One set of mine have lasted through about 35 years of playing. Of course, they're attached to me.

For regular picks, I'm more likely to lose them before I wear them out. Sometimes I'll throw them in my big jar 'o picks if they get too worn. I've got at least a couple of picks in there from the 70's.
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I'll die with my Dunlop nylons in my hands if I don't lose them first. I guess they last pretty long.
I have one purple Tortex that I've been using for about a month, then sometimes I use a blue
Tortex that's at LEAST from the early 90's, quite possibly the 80's sometime. That's a good pick.
I don't mind use worn down picks, so I've had some that I ended up using for a number of years. Ever see a Fender extra heavy pick that was basically worn down so the 'sharp' end was the same shape and length as the other 2 sides? heheh Definitely makes sure your pick hand technique is VERY accurate
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I have had my newest pick for a couple of months bow I think.
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I use Dean Markley LH picks exclusively. They're light, but rock solid and they wear well, rather than cracking like a lot of other picks I've used. Unfortunately they're a bit hard to find.
My two favorite picks i've been using probably almost a year, if not a year definitely months. They have nott noticeably worn down or anything, so I still use em.

Usually I lose the picks before they ware away....
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I've been using the same Fender teardrop medium pick ever since I started about a year and a half ago.
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i lose them too quickly for them to wear down usually, although i have broken a few recently...
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Quote by Kylix
Months, sometimes years.

Same, one I bought 5 years ago I kept using when I pickup up guitar again. After a week the pics I have now are in the same shape.
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Let me think...it depends. Some picks I lose in like an hour from buying them, others I'm sure I've had for 5-6 months, others like 2 years.
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Dunlop picks last the most.
Especialy the Delrin ones.

I use dunlop Jazz III's but i sand the tips down to imitate the natural wear of a whole year .
Now thats how i like it.
i have some transparent dunlop stubby pick, which I tend to lose so quickly because they are so small and see through. I go through at a rate of 1 per week
my picks last ages - i actually play the best with older picks, ones that im used to and that have wear on em
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i had a fender heavy that lasted a year before it had been worn down to look the same at each end

but mine last ages
at guitar center but either the dunlop tortiouse shell ones, or the playboy ones, ive been rotating the picks but theyve lasted for 3 months and they arent even scratched!

i forgot to mention i play guitar all day, from noon to 6 then i chilld then from 7-12 non stop, im not even kidding
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Maybe I pick wrong?

I pick with an angle. Then one side of my pick will just get thinner and thinner after a few days and then I flip the pick and play again for a few days...

What's really the correct way to pick??
I use those big triangular Fender pics, medium, and buy
a pack every time I go to a guitar store. I leave them
everywhere, tape five to the mic stand at shows and
forget to collect them afterward. I was looking for a pic
in our practice space and found twenty around on the
floor here and there. Yeah, I'm a slob.
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I have a Jim Dunlop pick that has lasted me as long as i've had my strat which is well over a year now... i only use that pick for that guitar.. but for my epiphone and for my ESP i use Jim Dunlop Jazz III's and both these pikcs are extra heavy so i don't expect them to break on me, the Jazz III all i have to do is file the tip a little bit... so yeah, i expect them to last over a year... i still buy picks in bulk though, lol
The oldest one ive got is about a year and a half i think, Dunlop 1.14s they don't break and they don't wear away and they are just the most comfortable for me.
I've been using the same thumb pick since i started playing a year ago. But I only use it to pick notes on the top 3 strings. I strum and pick the bottom 3 strings with my finger nails.
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