It's a preamp.

It's made by MEC (Warwick's home brand).

It has 2 bands (bass/treble).
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A 2 band EQ made by Warwick. Exmples of basses with it are the Corvete $$.
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I'm thinking of getting the $$ which can switch from active to passive and on the Warwick website it says to switch you need this. Does this have to do with the amp (I have a small Behringer BXL 450 at the moment) or is it something built into the guitar.
I understand it now...I misread the description and it really threw me off. Correct me if I'm wrong though. It has nothing to do with active/passive, and my amp would be able to utilize this feature.
It is built into the bass itself. I does a a similar job to the eq on the amp, but is located on the bass itself.
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Just more information on my opinions of preamps.

They're okay but I would much rather shape my tone by changing the pickups vol/pan/tone than have an EQ on the bass because my amp can handle it much better than a on board.

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I have a warwick rockbass corvette with active pickups and it has this preamp. It has four pots, of whom the first two are volume and balance, and the other two are the bass boost/cut and treble boost/cut. This preamp gives you the ability to shape your tone instantly from your bass, without messing with the amp and losing time. Also your bass will have stronger output and will pick less hum.
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