i'm thinkin of buildin a guitar amp cos the kits are quite cheap and are relativly easy to put together. does any1 know of any kits that would be gd for an amp? i've tried places like maplins in the uk but they didn't seem to have anything that looked sutible. any recommendations?
thanx in advance
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Torres kits are horrible. The parts they use are ok and Dan torres is a nice enough guy on the phone but the instructions are wrong and incompleate. I bought a kit from them and it was missing lots of parts too. I never did get Torres to send me all the parts the kit was supposed to have. I spent hrs on the phone with them figuring out what was wrong with their directions too. 1st thing dan always said was "people have been using those instructions for years without problems" then after talking to him a bit and pointing out things like the colors of wires he said to use were not on the transformer he said "oh yeah... You have THAT trasnformer" then he went on to say that they just handn't updated there instructions yet but they would. Then he gave me new information. When after I perchased the missing parts myself "torres never sent them" I plugged in the amp only to find that it didn't work. I called dan and he said that perhaps the instructions they sent were missing pages. He sent me a new set of instruction and they still hadn't been updated. This was 3 months later. I contacted dan again and he told me I was still missing pages from the instructions and he would sent me more. I still don't have accurate instructions and I supposedly don't have compleat instructions. My amp still doesn't work so I'm going to use the parts I have to make a different amp. Torres is a theif. He never gave the instructions he promised and he never supplied me with the parts like he promised. After I had this problem I was able to dig up some information and I found that this is the case more often than not with torres. Run away.
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Now that's a trustworthy site.

+1. If the TS doesn't know what he is doing, I'd learn electronics with smaller projects before attempting an amp build, even a kit. Those things can kill you.
On a side note, I've found the perfect use for disposable camera PCB's - charging them up and leaving them on a table for drunks to pick up and get a few hundred volt zap. It's rather amusing
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