i have taught many people to play guitar but now i am teaching a disables(like in the mind) person how would it be easiest to teach him how to read notes and how to use music theory
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dude I've been there, it's just not possible.
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What type of disability do they have? Really you'd have to figure out what disability he has, what challenges he will face in learning, and how to overcome those obstacles. I think many people that teach mentally handicapped kids use a very individual approach, using techniques to integrate the interests of the student directly to the material.
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Teach him with Tabs...I'm not trying to sound mean but I can't even read notes and I'm not mentally disabled. They all look the same to me. Don't do it, especially if he's dyslexic too.
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Don't be such an inconsiderate faggot. If you don't have anything good to reply with then don't say ****. He probably already told the kid that he was going to teach him and the kid is probably excited. If he just says "Oh, I can't teach you" the kid might get hurt emotionally.

I've worked with special-needs kids (not in guitar, but with other things) and all I can tell you is BE PATIENT. Patience will be you greatest friend when you dealing with these kids. This might be a problem with teaching guitar, because if you teach like a traditional teacher then you're boring, for the most part . You have to always do something exciting so they can stay interested in what they're doing.

Good luck with whatever you're doing. Also, do you happen to know his exact mental condition is? It might make things easier to know just what he has.
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