I know this guy who constantly talks about street racing and talks about how good he is and has a gang where they wear white bandanas (which is all a complete lie).
hes 18 but has the social skills of a 8 year old. he claims that hes in trouble with the cops all the time and has a thing in the dash of his car that beeps when cops are around(also an obvious lie). He claims to have a girlfriend, though hes only met her once and she now lives out of state. We tell him that shes just using him for emotional support and is banging other guys but hes in denial.
when my friend met him he literally thought he was retarded for a few weeks.
This guys lameness is legendary around here.
Anyone know people like this?
I know someone like that. He is obsessed with "pimp my ride". Hes really lanky and unattractive, yet he claimed he ****ed a girl on his car bonnet. "pussy to the left right and center" he said.

He actually had a fight with a cupboard, and lost.
long story.

once he went, "you know pimp my ride? I reckon they should do pimp my bag"
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Yeah.. I just screw with them too make them feel better about themselves...By "Beepy Thingy" Do you mean a Scanner/Radar? My ex girlfriend's mom had one of those.. they are damn cool.
everyone that i know, including me
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lol he also listens to screamo and talks about how hardcore he is. He was listening to satanic death metal for awhile but he says hes a christian. so i was like why do you listen to music where they theyre sying "HAIL SATAN" and hes like "..uh...its a metaphor".
the thing on his dashboard is yeah, a cop radar or something. where I live alot of people use it, it's not so rare. alway good to slow down when the cop is coming
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theres a lad whos in our college who claims to have shagged loads of girls, and taken pics and you can still see the website addresses on the bottom of the pictures, then he claims to get in fights every night and always get beaten up and he never has marks on him. He also claims to get high every day before lesson and he never is. He hangs around with us even though weve told him to **** off before.

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I know the kind of people you mean. There's this guy who constantly tells stories about what he's been up to and the more he talks, the more farfetched it gets. Everyone knows that when he goes home, he probably just watches tv and thinks of things he can say the next day.
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oo oo i remembered more. He used to brag "dude i was talking to this girl on xbox live last night .she sounded sooo hot" (and being completely serious). He also tries to smoke but he holds it all funny and smokes it in a completely retarded way like hes afraid of it. He also let some guy from california come to his house to play xbox and stay for awhile. the guy is like 25 and claims to have a 14 year old gf. he also whips out his balls at people.
I think this guys a child molester or somehting.
I know a guy like this.. I said "How long did it take you to make that up?" while he was going on about a gang fight he had been in. He shut up for the whole day Try that..
This guy at my school once told us that he had: "got really high and drunk" and broken into a BMW with his friends by taking off the wing mirrors and using 2 screwdrivers to unlock the doors.

another time he told us he had worked out he could make a "real" lightsaber by using a "controlled" black hole we laughed and told him we would warn any sith lords we saw. He wasn't happy at being made fun of.
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Yeah there this guy john I know. He has no life and always asks for my advice for really stupid problems that he always gets himself into. I love the guy like brother, but he is incrediblely lame.
I know this guy who will be talking **** to you for a few days then when he realises nobody is on his side he tries to be friends with you....My friend also thinks he's pretty hardcore since he can nail Cowboys From Hell on Expert in Guitar Hero...Which is pretty cool but he acts like he can play guitar and is always telling people how much their guitar sucks when its one of those cheap guitars that play really nice.....
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