Here's a song done by me, it's called "Melancholy". Any comments would be great!


The electric guitar was all improvised on the spot so there's some pretty bad mistakes, but overall for a piece that wasn't planned i like it.
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The lead guitar doesn't sound in key at the beginning. Sounds off. Sounds alright at some points just before the acoustic guitar enters. I disagree with yawn, the lead guitar's tone just doesn't do the job imo. It's kind of like an on and off thing. Sounds cool at points but doesn't at others. It does fulfill the name though, very melancholic indeed.

I believe with some more work, a MUCH better guitar tone and correction of the errors and maybe trying to examine why you are going off-key, it can be a nice track coz the idea is good.
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I really like the acoustic part. The lead does sound out of key at the beginning but starts to sound better at about 35 second into it. You've got some good ideas. Take a second stab at the improv.

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