i got 650 to spend on a acoustic/electric dreadnought... i was looking an i came across the alvarez pd80sc.. im looking for a guitar i can play live an record alot with.. i want it to sound like the scene aesthetic/ too sorry for apologies.S would this be a good guitar to get?is there any other guitars i might want to check into?
Not sure about the band you mentioned, I haven't listened to them. But I can vouch for Alvarez guitars. I bought a non-electric regent dreadnought almost five years ago, and it sounds better than the day I bought it. Good intonation and sustain on it, and really good lows. Definitely a folksier sounding guitar, but I'm not sure if that's what you're into.
Alvarez are great guitars. I'm thinking about purchasing one myself. Anyways, there is no real sound to The Scene Aesthetic, it just sounds like a normal acoustic. I play their stuff on my crappy acoustic and it sounds fine. They aren't the type of band you would need to spend $650 on to get that kind of sound.

I do think that buying a brand new, great sounding guitar would be well worth it on your part.
well, i just bought an Alvarez FF60WR about three months ago and i love it. Though its a Concert body and not dreadnought, i love the sound of it. Once you get up to that price range for Alvarez, their really isn't a bad guitar for the money. honestly
Good choice my friend. Probably the best you can do in your price range, If you were prepared to spend more there are some more very nice guitars made by Alvarez too.

But yes, that should be a great guitar. Go play it first though.