Ok, I have a grounding problem, and I brought my guitar to a shop, and they say there's nothing wrong. Well, it still makes the buzzing noise that stops when you touch a piece of metal on the circuit...

But anyway! I found that if I run it through my RP50 and put on the noisegate, nothing! No noise! Imagine that!

Sooooo, I was wondering, if I run my Boss DS-1 through my RP50, make it so the RP50 is just on clean and put on the noisegate, could I still get the same DS-1 distortion without it being tampered with? And would this eliminate the noise the way it does when it's just the RP50?

Someone let me know, please! If this is the case I'll just run out and get a connecter cable and do this. So if anyone knows, tell me!

Thank you very much.
It's a process, not an event.
If you're using the RP50 just as a noisegate, it will act just as a noisegate. Running a DS-1 along side will give you silent DS-1 tone, BUT it will come with all he drawback of using a noisegate... ie seriously reduced sustain.

Personally I find this too much of a sacrifice and is why I never use noise gates, just always put up with the buzz... Plus.. it's rock n' roll...

- Rich