I'm not sure if there is already a thread about this, but my search thing keeps crashing. but yeah anyway.

Basicly i was just wandering if anyone had any ideas and views on how to be differnent, or a 'cut above the rest' in the metal music scene. I know each band will have there own style and what not, but i feel its becoming increasingly harder to be 'new'. Its not really posisble to say that this band is the heavyest or fastest around or whatever as there are so meny bands that are similar. Its not like back in the 80s when the big Metal bands, Slayer, Megadeath, Metallica ect were around, as at the time they were the fastest, heavyest bands around.

What is it that would make a band stand out and be 'better' then the rest.
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I've often wondered this, and just come to the conclusion that being very progressive is a good thing to set you above
NOT being heavy just for the sake of it
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Play without distortion, step over to the dark side...
Use a lot of effects.

Thats all I really have.

But seriously,
just come up with some really complex melodies and use a lot of effects.

Check out a band called Giant they might give you some ideas.
It's hard to say for me...

I mean, it's hard for me to write just about ANY good music, though. I love the progressive genres, so I try and incorporate some prog styles into it.

But I haven't really wrote anything I especially like and/or can develop into a full song.

But, I really like adding acoustics and cleans. Like Opeth, Agalloch, Pelican, etc. Just something to change things up. And, even though a lot of bands do it, adding some synth strings or something in the background can go a long way, especially if it's a bit of a different sound.

Like Vehemence, the synth they used in "She Never Noticed Me" on the God Was Created album. Amazing. song.

But that's all that comes to mind for me. I've kinda stopped trying to write metal now. I've become more and more interested in Post Rock, Post Hardcore, and some modern Prog Rock, so, I've been writing wtuff like that recently.
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Look at some of the metal bands you like, see what set them apart from the rest.

And add some different instruments in.

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i don't think difference is something to try for, i think it just happens. if you have a broad variety of influences and an open mind, the stuff you right is just naturally going to be different. if all you listen to is slayer or some other band, you're not gonna start any revolutions anytime soon.