Alirght, i need some ideas about what to put on my tele, its midnight wine. Therfore i was thinking about:

1) gold machine heads- gibson makes a gold/ivory and i dont know if they will infact fit. but there is a full gold made by fender, but the ivory looks incredible.

2) a tremelo/ vibrado package- i read about the bigsby curse and whatnot, but, i cant seem to find a tremelo kit for the telecater on fenders website

3) gold fender or gibson see thru- yet again i don't know which will fit

4) new pickups, both seymour duncan (i have that under control)

5) gold brige plate and knob plate obviously from fender.

And any other thoughts about this or any info about those gibson parts would be greatly valuble.

Gold and midnight wine???? well, whatever floats your boat I suppose... It's not something I'd ever consider myself...

Tremeo options are probably a Bigsby, or a stetsbar

As for Gibson tuners, as they are 3 a side, rather than 6, I'd assume the three that go on the bottom of the headstock on a Gibson are set up to take the tension in the opposite direction to what you need - I don't know so see what other people thing, but they must sell 3 a side and 6 a side sets for a reason.