Hey guys,I wanted to get a floyd rose guitar and sell my current guitar to get (some) of the money for it until I heard about thing like tuning and changing strings.Since then,I wanted to get and ibanez sz.I heard from people that I should keep my hardtail bridged guitar so that means ill have an backup guitar.People said with the floyd rose you should have a backup guitar but back then I would have thought of selling my guitar.So that brings me back to the question.Should i get a guitar with a FR??
do you think you would be using the whammy bar alot?

if not, you could get a better guitar with a fixed bridge for the same price.

like i got a guitar with a floating bridge, and i thought it would be so cool, but now i barely use the whammy bar at all!

think about it, and go try it out
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Dont trade your guitar for an FR. You will be very unhappy.
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i dont personally like floyd roses, i dont use the whammy bar enough to go through the trouble of stringing a floyd rose. they are really difficult to restring. but if u use the whammy bar a whole lot, its worth it. also floyd roses arnt good for low tunings, so if u drop to drop c or anything lower i wouldn't suggest it.
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well if you have a FR then you wont be able to change tuninings with out readjusting the intonations everytime you do. the bad thing agout a floyd is that you have to be really patient everytime you tune it. or you change gauges of strings or want to adjust the tiniest bit of action or intonations on your gutiar. but it does stay in tune better than any other system in the world if set up properly. my jem which has an edge pro bridge which works the same way pretty much i have to tune it about ocne every 1-2 weeks. but if a string breaks during a show then im screwed pretty much
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well i mainly use drop d or standard

then just get the evh d-tuna and u can just go from standard tuning to drop d with a push of the thing
i reckon get it, and try it out.

i bought a FR guitar, thought it was cool, but now i'm over it and hardly use it.

all of my next guitars are going to be fixed, but i'll still keep the one with floyd
Yeah I never really used a whammy bar and then I bought a Epi Explorer with OFR thinking it would be awesome but really it just annoyed me and I ended up selling it.

If you're going to play lead guitar and like some shred solo stuff 90% of thetime I say get it. Otherwise just get a fixed bridge and save yourself all the hassle of restringing and everything for something you might barely ever use.

Maybe upgrade to a good fixed bridge guitar and then stat looking at another guitar with a FR so you have the fixed ifyou end up hating the FR.

It's all personal preferance really but if you do end up getting a guitar with an FR you will need a backup guitar because breaking a string or something will leave you with a good 15 minute fix that you can't do in the middle of a gig. So keep your old guitar.