Poll: what is your opinion on making copy's of cds?
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yeah it's ok they still make money from concerts and merchandise
8 42%
no, it's wrong they deserve to make money off their music
2 11%
it doesn't really matter they still make their money
9 47%
Voters: 19.
no, not actually lighting them on fire but making copies. i have limewire and i really dont have a lot of cash to buy cds right now. i want the white stripes cds becasue im planning on seeing them with my friends in 3 weeks but i dont have enough money to pick up their cds. so whats your opinion on making copies? ill put up a pole. thanks!
i perfer bittorrents over limewire. better quality
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Nah. Me likey limewire more.
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Nah. Me likey limewire more.

How could you like Limewire more. Limewire is a virus infected porn shithole. You must be going to the wrong sites.
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not only that but it's damn near impossible to find whole albums on limewire.
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