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Our band is called Just Herion. We're a pretty tight band that plays by no rules, hopefully one day you'll hear of us. Anyway, we have a pretty tight fanbase, but our name brings disrespect and prejudgement of our music. Basically, should Just Herion change its name to Just Methodone. Do yall think that would be a more socially acceptable name, or should we say **** everbody and keep playing by no rules. (((sorry my question mark doesnt work)))
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i say keep it at just herion, and if people judge a band on a name, then tell them to f*ck themselves.
and i lol'ed at ur signature
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if you're a band that, and I quote,

plays by no rules

Then you shouldn't change your name, or you'll be playing by their rules.
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I'd say just change it cause its a stupid name. Can you honestly say that you didn't pick a name like "Just Heroin" purely for attention? Well, you're getting attention and people are turned off by the name.
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i wouldn't change it...
EDIT: maybe mr brownstone as a new name?
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lmao, play by no rules eh?
(sorry that phrase kills me)
then why give a damn
and i think this may be the wrong forum....
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Change it, not because it'll be more 'marketable', just because its not a good name.
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just look at korn. they had possibly the worst band name in the history of band names, and they did alright for themselves.
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You should change your name to Just Renegades since you 'play by no rules.'
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If you guys are good then the name of your band shouldn't matter. Having a controversial name will help your band and if nothing else it will keep dumbasses who judge a band by there name alone away, you don't want fans like that anyways. i personally think its a good name.
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i play by no rules too. i strung a broomstick with barbed wire and rubber bands and play through a walkman with an inverted speaker.... the only rules i can't break are physics.
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My band name is "Kill Trip", and I wrote it on a school folder once. My teacher took offense to that, and thought it was a reference to a homicidal rampage. Once I corrected him, it brought attention throughout the whole class of about 40+, and I won over a few people who vowed to appear at our future shows.

Shock value is always good, as long as it's not like "Toddler Slaughterhouse" or "I Choked The Prom Queen's Blind Grandma" or whatever.
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i would either say it's only spelled Just Heroin but it's pronounced The Rolling Stones, or you mean a female hero, or say **** you to whoever doesn't care for the name
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so do you guys make music or.... just heroin? If it gets you attention then keep it I guess. Personally I'd change it because it sounds like a lame cry for attention name that would make me, as a potential listener, not go to your show.
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Keep 'Just Heroin'.

Before even reading this thread I thought 'that is the coolest name ever!'
Needless to say I was horrified when I read you were thinking of changing it.

Cool name. Keep it.
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of course you shouldnt change it. it isn't even that offensive a name. i always have a soft spot for 'that fucking tank'.
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Quote by SSDDPunkRocker
"Toddler Slaughterhouse"

That's quite good actually.
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Quote by SSDDPunkRocker

Shock value is always good, as long as it's not like "Toddler Slaughterhouse" or "I Choked The Prom Queen's Blind Grandma" or whatever.


That's true too. Shock value is a good thing, so long as you don't live off it. Quite a few metal bands exist purely because 'lulz i hate t3h jebus' is somewhere in their name/lyrics.
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Shock value is always good, as long as it's not like "Toddler Slaughterhouse" or "I Choked The Prom Queen's Blind Grandma" or whatever.
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^ agreed.

I used to play songs called "raping the dead" which were basically lightweight pop songs.

Then I started doing basically the same thing, but added substance. As a result, people crapped themselves.

The moral of the story? if you REALLY want to get under people's skin, don't be two-dimensional.
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If you ever get to find a label, you can be sure they'll ask you to change the name, because it's bad and for other obvious reasons.

Really I'd change it.
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Thanks for the sigging, Shado\/\/dance!

Quote by MikeDee
If you ever get to find a label, you can be sure they'll ask you to change the name, because it's bad and for other obvious reasons.

Really I'd change it.

I wouldn't. If they "play by no rules", some label would probably sign them on the DL just for recording, and sure, it's not as marketable.

Then again there is one true contradiction: cable television.

Honestly, you could find stuff 400% worse than a band name "Just Heroin".

The name is pretty generic and almost cliche (to the point of drugs+rocknroll) and I might change it, just to stand out more.
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Change it when the time has come to change it. If you wonder if you should, the time to change it has not come yet. All you need know is a cool anecdote (fake or not) about how you got the name, put it on your website and people will come to love the name.
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So change your name to Just ****ing **** ****ting Arsehole.

See how they like it then.
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so what do you mean by you don't play by any rules? like do you play to a dog barking instead of a metronome? or you just get on stage and stare at your instruments? I'm confused as to what you're rebelling against here. What's your angle?

Do you only play next to meter sticks? are you strict followers of the metric sytem? enlighten me.
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You'll get all the attention that you want if your good enough anyways

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Dude Just Heroin is classic. It's bad enough to be bad, but not too obscene with profanity. If it fits your image that is. Don't be called Just Heroin and go up and play like Coldplay songs. Shock is good for specific genres but no on wants to see Neil Diamond spit blood.
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It could influence people to take heroin, saying it won't hurt you...it's just heroin.
That could become very controversial, but you could get known because of that.
Also, some radio stations could refuse to play your material, and it could influence some record companies not to sign you. It's just a name, but it's powerful. People get influenced easily. Especially, what kind of music do you play? If it's depressing music, it's just heroin right?, and there you go. Your fanbase are stoners.
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What's the issue here?

There's a band named Sodom. There's a band named Obsessed With the Rectum. There's a ****ing band called Anal C-U-N-T. You can't even properly post their name on this damn board! There's bands called Cattle Decapitation, Gorgasm, Embyonic Devourment, Fondlecorpse, Twitch of the Dath Nerve... And you think Just Heroin is offensive!?

Seriously, if you"play by no rules" than why is this an issue? If anyone says **** about your name tell them to go eat razor blades or something. It's not even an offensive name.