Can anyone help me with a few of these questions from my teacher(i am tryng to become a music teacher)

What is an effects loop?

what is the difference between reverb and echo?

what are the functions and key benefits of a compressor?

what is sampling? what does the term sample rate mean?

how many channels are available in general MIDI?

what is phantom power and what is it used for?

what is the difference between a speaker cable and an instrument cable?

what is the difference between graphic an parametric EQ?

thanks everyone
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effects loop puts the effects in a different place in the amp. its better for delays and such. (dont know where the place is. maybe someone else will reply lol. maybe after the preamp or something. well. i dont know. im just guessing lol)

reverb is like a little echo after you hit a note. but echo, also called delay, is when after you hit a note, the note gets played again. and again. its literally an echo. reverb isnt. its more like the sound when you walk in a big hallway.

compressors put all your notes at one constant volume. it also can give you more sustain. other functions as well, maybe someone else can better explain.

not sure of the sampling question.

or the midi one. but i believe you could look at some midi controllers online and find out.

i still dont understand phantom power. but you have to use it with condenser mics i believe.

they are made to handle different wattage and other things. only use instrument cables for instruments and only use speaker cables for speakers

dont know about the eq one

hope i helped you out man
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