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This is a new one I just finished. Some of the riffs sound very much like Between the Buried and Me and Mastodon--didn't really do that intentionally, haha--but with piano. Hope you enjoy.
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Nice job there man.

I really liked all of those classical passages.

The complaint though, for me, is when you have sudden changes, like on that short piano break, it didnt exactly flow. But I do think it is good to have surprises in the piece..
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Excellent work dude. Well thought out riffs, good drumming (with the exception of the section starting at bar 59, go easy). Absolutely loved the acoustic and piano at the beginning. I was afraid that you'd put a lot of time signature changes simply for the sake of being 'progressive' but they all worked very well, didn't sound out of place at all. Really liked the chorus (if that's what you wanna call it, bit with the Mastodon-ish octaves).

Also, I presume you'd be using two pianists? Cause the ending would be damn hard to play with one, haha. The ending was a little anti climactic but the song was overall very good. Well done.
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i'm pretty sure the first distortion part really is a btb&m song.... or else it just sounds extraordinarily similar.

but the piano and classical bits are pretty sicc i must say.
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Crit as i listen...
From bars 17 - 48 i personally think the drums could do without the "side stick", it makes it sound like a metronome, and kinda gets annoying (for me anyway). But apart from that, the whole first section is great. 9/10

In bars 49 - 68 the voice compliments the guitars really well, and i liked this section aswell. The only thing i think could have improved was adding a bass and maybe add panning to the harmonised guitars. 9/10

Bars 69 - 92 reminded me of KsE for some reason lol but also this section could have done with bass to add depth. I liked it, but im sure, as someone said before, ive heard it (or something very similar) before. One part i didnt like was the little fill in bar 76, it just didnt sound right to me. 7/10

Bar 97 - 112 i didnt like, i dont think it really fit in with the song that well. I dont know why i didnt like it.. i just didnt 4/10

The last part (bars 113 - end) was fine, i liked it. I think having the voice over it would make it better though, but if its an outro, that might not work. Also i think it would end better on a chord instead of just stopping on the note 8/10

Overall a pretty good song, but could do with a bass being added and maybe a solo?
8/10 for the whole thing
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Oh wow, that song wasn't actually supposed to be in there haha. I'm nowhere done with it yet. I was sitting there trying to figure out what you were talking about because the bars you were talking about were not even close to the ones that I was looking at, but that's because I was looking at a different song. Haha.
Thanks though, I'll definitely use your suggestions.

Anyways, I got if fixed now and the song that is supposed to be up here is, so check that one out if too if you'd like to.
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haha, okay..
i tried it before but it said i had to update me GP software or something, so i just looked at the other one that was in there...
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I'm digging that 7 4 riff but I am a sucker for 7s... and 5s... Some of the drumming was a little messy to my tastes - perhaps try some cut time type things but maybe that wouldn't fit with the feel of the song. Nice job.