well i have an epiphone lles paul and im thinking of sanding down the neck because its too fat for me ..im used to playin ibanez thin necks ..woudld it be a good idea to do this myself???

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I don't know much about that kind of thing but I wouldn't think it's a good idea. It might be cool though because you could shape it to whatever you want but yeah maybe someone else will say otherwise.
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Why not just replace the neck?

Wait, is it a set in?

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its a les paul so most likely.
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Nope. Even Epiphone Les Pauls are set neck. At least mine is.

theres more than one Epi LP, all the lower ends are bolt ons, the LP-100, etc..
Ok, ignore everyone else. Now, let me warn you, you will not be able to get the same thinness that a Wizard neck has without seriously risking the integrity of the neck. You have about 1/4" at most you can take out of most places before you hit the truss rod. What you will be able to do by sanding down your neck is get a profile you like and are comfortable with, there is a lot of extra meat in places on a Gibson style neck. If at all possible get a rough idea of how the truss rod runs, how tall it is, and how much material you have before you get into the rod. The truss rod is your only limiting factor as long as you are willing to risk a weak neck. Work slowly, use your hands, not power tools, and BE CAREFUL. If you shave your neck too much you will ruin it and have to have it replaced, which will not be cheap. But, if you are willing to risk it, I think you'll get excellent results. Start with very coarse paper, say 80-100 grit, until you get just above the thickness you want, and then work your way up grits, 120, 220, 440, 1000. Once you have the neck sanded either use an oil or clear-coat to seal it, or play it and let the oils from your hand seal the wood back up.
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you can do it, but practice on cheap guitars first, and take a really small drill and drill a hole right at the end in the middle to figure out how much depth you have before you hit the truss rod. don't drill through the truss rod, though!
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you can do it. I did it on my strat. I scalloped the neck from the 13-21st fret. Then from I sanded down the other frets (just a little bit though) starting with 150 grit to 220 to 600 and finally 1000. To top it off let is soak in lem oil and it will be smoother than it originally was.