i have a vox da5 guitar amp. you know, supposed to be used with an electric guitar. well, im wondering if i'd be able to use it with a bass guitar without messing it up/blowing it out?

You'll blow out the amp if you do it, however if you get a terrible amp, as found in starter sets, it sounds... Interesting, and you don't have to worry about ruining a perfectly good amp.
Yeah, bad idea. A guitar amplifier's bass frequencies are not designed to match those of a bass guitar. You'll basically demolish the amplifier, which would be bad.
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I don't think it'd blow the electronics, just the speakers. Some fool at school a few years ago tried it, and ripped the speaker cones. We just swapped out the speaker and it was fine.

Still... Don't do it.
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You'll most likely blow a fuse.
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I have known several people who have used a guitar amp in a pinch. Don,t turn up the gain much.. Don't use active electronics, Don't use the guitar speakers.
Still it doesn't sound very good and is just ok for soft practice till you get the bass amp. All in all , it's not the best idea, but my get you by for a short bit. I have never know anyone to blow their amp, just the guitar speakers.
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thank you for your help

Over 30 years in the biz. If you are looking for speaker info, I have tried many over the years . So hit me up and I will try to help you younger guys and gals.
Some of the very old orange ones can be used as bass heads, and so can the very very old Marshalls i think.

But yeah, DONT DO IT!
it's not the amp, you should be worried about, it's the speakers. If you change the guitar speakers to bass speakers you should be fine.