I need some help choosing a phone.
preferably a smart phone (such as the Blackjack or a Blackberry) *

- in AT&T

- under $400

- obviusly the best one you could think of

*no, I dont know whats up with the blackness.
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Quote by Black xx LAB3L
dude i-phone sucka! wait like 13 more days for it fool

Ive been looking at that for a while.

I had no idea that it would be in thirteen days!

I also heard it was going to be expensive (about $600).

thank you, but just in case (you know parents ) do you have any other suggestions?
Nothing is permanent!.
Why spend $400 on a phone?
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Quote by SublimeGuitar
Why spend $400 on a phone?

because I have everything else that I ever wanted.
Including $400 dollars.

to sum it up: I have no idea.

oh, wait. maybe I need it for work...

yep, thats it.

I need it for work...
Nothing is permanent!.
dont think im lucky for having whatever I ever wanted because I am not.

Having everything that I ever wanted (of course, to an extent) just makes me into a jerk.

Basically, this phone wont help.
I am not a jerk, but it may turn out that way.

so maybe I shouldnt buy this phone
Nothing is permanent!.