would this guitar be good for playing stuff like atreyu or bullet for my valentine through a 6505 head. i've heard their necks are second to none and i was j/w

my friend is buying my ke3 for 600 (iv added emg's to it and am giving him the case too soo its not a bad deal) but i am looking for something that will have a lightning fast neck and effortless pinch harmonics
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if you are up in that price range dont ask us. go play them. please. but id try some ibanez, jackson, gibson, prs, and schecters

edit: and esp. thats what atreyu use
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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as far as i know PRS isnt a metal guitar

No man, those Dragon pickups rule. PRS can do whatever you want to play. I promise.
You have WAAAAAYYY too much money to throw around. Cheesy pop metalcore through a 6505 and you STILL have enough money for a PRS? WTF?!

Lightning fast neck, sweet pinch harmonics? Did someone say JEM?!!!


Et voila! The Ibanez JEM, with the JEM Prestige neck and genuine DiMarzio Evolution humbucking pickups.
i want to know if you've played a paul reed smith neck because they are amazing. i have a gibson explorer pro as well that i like more than my ke3 and my friend really likes my ke3 so im gunna help a friend out even though i love that guitar cuz it was my first one and i put emgs in it. and eff you if i like the sound of atreyu (not so much their new new stuff) actually their new game song bs blowsssss, its more or less what the band i play in plays. well i would compare it more to catherine. lately i listen to a lot of job for a cowboy, see you next tuesday, haha every once in a while test your reflex, the chariot and beneath the massacre. point being dont label me as a poser. whats wrong wit ha 6505 head. just cuz i didnt want to throw down 3000 on a krank that will get totally trashed giging. and i was looken at ibanez but i just wanted to see what every ones opinions on a prs is. i wasnt gunna spend 2000 on it i was gunna get an insane deal from a friend. i was also looking at an esp ec 1000 i played one of those a couple months ago and loved it. i know prs isnt the first brand you think of when you hear metal but they play soooo nice.

what about a
Ibanez RGA121
jackson rr5
i think since every one is so bitter about a prs and i was a little skeptical im gunna get an rr5 cuz they are soo sick.