I just bough this effects pedal at the martets for 6 dollars (AUD) about $3 US( thast no mistake only cost that much). wrks fine just wondering a little bit about them can't find anyting about them are they discontinued if so when did they srop making them. it has a little bit of rust ove rteh surface but hey i dont care it looks about 20 years old or somthign works fine help please any one

also how much are they worth?
i look on google but i dcouldn't find much at all really any one plz help i really wanan know has it been discontinued and how much to they cost roughly and when they were discontinued
ohh ok i will try but they migth not reply anyoen else know?
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Fine, I give. Heres the Harmony Central review for the thing.
I googled it, it was the second fucking link. All you had to do was actually use your own damn brain and hands.

And for the love of God take some English classes.


I'm done.
Wow, killer deal, arent they the old versions the poly-chorus'?

The poly chorus go for a good £100, +rarity, +its discontinued, +its age, that should be worth a very good profit.

^The product of google.
lol yeah thanks im shocked about teh deal lol im so amazed lol woo lol i got it for 6 bucks and its worth about 200 for me (AUD) lol wow its really nice pedal too thanks lol
yeah thanks alot you seem really cool i emailed EHX before i lvoe there pedals ive wanted one for ages and now i have one thats vintage and rare. thansk for you help
they said they stopped making they years and years ago and the price is unknown of them now he said check ebay