hey I got this epiphone sg special and I messed with the tross rod awhile back and now I can't fix it. I've never been good at determining whether it's too tight or lose by looking at the neck. so I've put pics of the guitar below. If anyone can tell me whether I need to tighten or loosen and how much that would be great. I just want to get rid of the buzzing at the seventh and eighth fret.

loosen it its much too tight. if it buzzes its not that much of a prtoblem just turn your amp up til you cant hear the buzz. but if it really bugs you loosen it
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okay i loosened it I think and the buzzing stopped but visually I can't tell so is this better
Hmmm, got a straight edge? or even use your low e as a straight edge by pressing on frets 1 and 22.

If there is a gap between the 12th fret and the string, tighten it slowly until there is no longer much of a gap.

Also, your special will probably get more buzzing if you adjust it perfectly, due to the shocking fretwork (i once had one for a ****around guitar, always buzzed and the frets unseated themselves from the fretboard eventually...now its fretless :p)
You're meant to press down the strings at the first and last frets, and see if a credit card can fit in the gap between the strings and frets in the middle. If it doesn't, you need to add relief, if it does or if there is too much gap, you need to straighten it. You can also determine by looking down the neck from the bridge end. Look at the side of the neck at the fret dots, it should be mostly dead straight but with a tiny bit of bend.
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ok, DONT adjust the way justin suggests. that's a risky way to adjust a neck.

you dont just loosen or tighten. blindly turning, can cause u to break ur neck.

first of all, u adjust action at the bridge.

if uve tried that already then u measure the angle, like said,
fretting the 1st fret and last fret on the Low E string.

only turn the nut 1/8" at a time, letting the neck settle for an hour between turns.

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