So I found guitarfetish.com the other day and was browsing and saw their pickups. I had always seen people around here say good things about the GFS pickups, but only saw figured out what they were a few days ago looking at the site. I see that their pickups cost basically nothing compared to the big names such as dimarzio and seymour duncan. Anybody heard or had any experience with these humbuckers? I was thinking about picking one up just because i want to see how they sound. How do they compare with the big names? What would be a good combo for a heavier, metal type tone...ohh yeah my guitar is basswood. Thanks.
I havnt got any experience, but on the site you can hear what the pick-ups sound like, dirty or clean etc.
As for their humbuckers I've got their Vintage '59 and Crusader (discontinued). I also have their Repro 50's Tele bridge and P90 pickup.

They're very good pickups for the money, certainly on the same level as SD or other mass market pickups. They are made in Korea but they're made by a small company that specializes in lower quantity orders of electronic parts, not a big guitar manufacturer.

Their pickups do tend to be wired a little hotter than average, this is one of their marketing points. Since you're not looking for a pure vintage sound this probably wouldn't be a negative factor for you, but a positive. You would probably like their high output PAF style pickup or their Loudmouth or Bigmouth. The Crusader would work well for you too but it's no longer available.
Go for the crunchy in the bridge at least, they're wound hotter than the PAF - hotter wind means a warmer sound and more gain, which will suit you more, and get a 'cool' wound something in the neck for nice, sparkly, trebly cleans, like one of the Retrotrons.
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