The only thing I ever want
Is for you to be beside me
For your arms to surround me
For your lips to greet mine

We took some time apart
And we agree it was for the best
But every single day you were gone
I realized a bit more how much a part of me you are

I’ve always been afraid of being addicted
To another person’s touch
But I’ve grown up and I can admit it
I need you more than anything

I dream of us growing up one day
Getting a place of our own
A place where we can make dinner together
And I can fall asleep in your arms every night

Someday maybe, if things go as I hope
We’ll walk down an aisle in front of everyone
And I’ll promise to love you forever
And I won’t be afraid of that word

I’m trying so hard for you
To make up for last time
I'll try not to lie and I'll let you help me
And I’ll never let you go again

Each time you touch my scars
I choose you over past addictions
You're the only person in the world
Who I have ever trusted

I know I still might slip up sometimes
But I won't hide from you
I'll be a grown up this time and say what I feel
Because I know you want to listen

If you saw these words they’d scare you
Because I don’t know if you’re ready for forever again
But this time, leave it up to me
Because this second chance will not go to waste.