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I've been playing around with this song for a few days and I like it.
Very Headbang-ey. lol
It's Metal, but I'm not sure what type..
Anyways, enjoy :]

EDIT: Slightly changed it

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it is heavy, il tell you that for free. lol.

i like it.
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It sounds kind of thrashy... sort of Lamb of God meets Generic Harcore Band to me.

It's far too repetitive for my taste... you should at some more diversity to the actual riffing and not just vary the note patterns... it all becomes a blur by the 30th bar. I think your drums were quite effective, but should be used to fill the sound a little more... you wan't "heavy" right?

All in all... it's decent... but far too simple/boring for my personal taste.
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I actually didn't find it repetitive at all, and i think you have done a wonderful work with the drums! It really adds to the song.

Maybe you should try something else instead of the otave slide thingies, i didn't like them so much really. I cant see anything else you can do better in your song .

I think it stands out from the rest of the boring metalcore songs around here.

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I actually think (no offence here) it's a Slipknot clone song with some badly placed riffs, especially the octave slide. The sawtooth could have added originality, but instead added a mess.

The riff was heavy-ish, but was repetitive. The thing that makes other heavy riffs better is the diversity, variations etc.

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Incredibly generic.

Use more than 4 notes and it'd be alright.
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