I don't own a thumbpick, but I was wondering: If you use a thumbpick and bring your index finger over to your thumb, does it feel just like a regular pick in your hand, or do you have a lot less control? I ask because it seems like it would be advantageous to be able to go back and forth between regular picking and using it as a thumb pick.
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im not totally sure about this, but i think you would be able to do that, except it would just be less controll. The pick definitally wont move around. You should buy a cheap thumbpick, and then try it
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My control was fine when I switched over to thumbpick. Only thing that changed was my approach to pinch harmonics (using index instead of the side of the thumb).
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It's close, but I don't like the tone of a thumbpick used that way - they're normally way to thin for me.
i didnt really like thumb picks, i didnt lose almost any control, but it sounded alot like it was being muted, not like its soposed to, and at was like 4.40 for a 4 pack, so kinda expencive when u can get 12 picks for 4.40 ^_^
yes actually it does a bit, i have one from a while ago, and i played around with it a week or so ago, and i noted that it felt almost like a normal pick when i held it like that
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