Not actually the title but my fingers hurt now from trying to get this one sorted :P Open to title suggestions and what have you.

This is basically about someone who lives fast and doesn't appreciate what it is to be alive in the present and taking the time to do the little things that matter.

I've only got a verse and a chorus so far but I'd really appreciate feedback at this stage so I can get on with finishing it.

G(+e) refers to the G chord with the bottom E string left open, and I wrote this with a capo on the 1st fret.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Amin C
Why do you race on
G G(+e) G Amin C Amin
When you’ve left something good behind at the starting line?


Amin C
You are a fighter
G G(+e) G Amin C Amin
But deep down you know it’s wiser to let go


Amin C
Spend all your money
G G(+e) G Amin C Amin
On anything you think can get you there


Amin C
You live your life on the edge of a knife
G G(+e) G Amin C Amin
Because you want to be remembered as the one that got away

(hey hey hey)

Keep going faster and my oh my
Everything’s over in the blink of an eye
So now it’s time to swim like a fish in the sea
Or if you’re feeling good then get down with me
You have the time to get it wrong
So listen to the music 'fore the end of the song