First poem as opposed to song, got no idea if it's any good, let me know your thoughts

Changing The Steps

The boy and the girl in her pretty red dress
(tugged at the hem to flirt with suggestion) ‘hey pretty lady’
Does this make sense? They wind home from the big city, orange light haze fading behind, in a daze, her walking an elated dance, him rippling in the wake of her steps.

There’s something between them, he knows that she knows and she knows that he knows that she knows that he knows (you know?) this thing, vibrating with hope and dread, making the air around them squeeze and shiver.

A stumble over the doorstep, laughter down the corridor, a pulse up the stairs and falling onto the bed like rain.

And they go, and it’s a blur and a haze of legs and sweat and kisses and oh god and and and-

And he takes his tongue from her mouth and wraps it around those words, whirling in a breath from his (heart?) mouth to her ears.

And then with a mutual epiphany they stop f***ing and start loving without even changing the steps.

Suddenly she’s beautiful and he reshapes the lines of her

Suddenly he’s new again, but he’s never felt surer

The bed is the page and the lovers are music, gasping and crying and sighing a symphony

And if I have a dream where the boy is you and the girl is me

“F***ing/loving in harmony”

Will it make me happy?


(it’d only be a dream)