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yeah new song ... rote in liek an hour last night while slightly sipsey :P
but see what yuu think (Y)
theres loads il proly change but i just wana have sum opinions

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Well, i'm actually suprised. I didn't think this was going to be that good, but I was wrong. I bet those riffs are pretty hard to play though at that tempo. The riffs flowed well and the drums were pretty good. The thing I would say needs some attention though is the solo. I'm just really picky about solos. I didn't like how you started the solo though on a really high note. Try to start lower and then kind of gradually build up in speed and intensity. After 146, it just feels like the solo was repeating, and it wasn't really interesting. But from bar 151 to the rest of the solo, the harmony sounds pretty good. The bridge sounded good but it was a little too long unless there's going to be some vocals there.

Bars 199-230 weren't anything special, not great but not terrible, just kinda mediocre imo. Clean part was ok, but try to use more notes and let them ring out to give it a fuller sound. But whats with the 32nd note tremolo stuff? At that tempo, I don't think its possible to play it that fast, it didn't sound like anything great anyways. The bridge 2 was alright, but I didn't like the little rests in the riffs. the chorus 3 sounded great though.

Well, this was a good song up to the solo + the bridge, but everything after is just kinda meh for me. It just needs a little work imo 7.5/10
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Dude it's very good i like it a lot! I'm going to give it a 9.5/10 because i kinda agree with zakatak the solo should kinda build up a bit before getting fast and crazy but great job!
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Man it's really awesome

Those riffs are really great

its hard to find anything you can improve, but maybe you should start the solo a bit slower, and don't do that repeat thingy at 163, otherwise it was a kickass solo

the bridge afterwards fits in great...

the thing at 231 would be better if you cut it down a little IMO, however it gives a nice contrast : )

niice bridge again

i think you should use the riff at bar 35 as outro

i liked it

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Very very good song
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jeez them riffs will be hard to play at that tempo record it then we'll see
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my band are doing (Y)
were hoping to do the whole album over the summer (Y)
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Really didn't like it. The riffs are flat (no power to them at all), but that said the melodic bridge was very nice. The drums were very well written though, and I quite liked a couple of the guitar harmonies.

Desperately needs some power though (where's your bass?). Sounds like you're trying a bit too hard to be like Trivium (weak riffs, 'chant sections' etc.

Also the part starting bar 231 should have only been played once, not repeated. Just makes more sense structurally.

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F***ing wicked!

Those are some sick riffs!
I tried playin them and they're quite tricky to get perfect articulation on at first, but after some practice they flow nice man!

I really liked it, Verse Part Two had a very "Suicide nation" vibe, which is cool. Reminded me of Arch Enemy, At The Gates and a splash of Metalcore combined. Good work!

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Hmm...I'm not really into metalcore at all, but this was still quite enjoyable. The song was pretty spot on, I don't really have anything to say except what has already been said about it. Good song overall
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