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i really need to know what you think
we cant decide wether to put it on our album on our not :S (my band)
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Intro section A + B were pretty good, but section C was pointless imo. You should just take it out altogether. The next riff was pretty good, but it repeated waaaaayy too much. Repeat like once or maybe thrice, but that's it, it was just way too long. Verse was good though, it made me happy to see the variation w/ the octaves at bar 92 instead of just repeating. Part two for the verse was ok. The riff seemed kind of generic to me, so try to throw in some interesting twists with the rhythm or the notes you used. Chorus was pretty damn good though, I liked that part a lot.

Acoustic part was good, not amazing, but not bad at all. The solo didn't really fit at all with it though. It was a little too long imo. You shouldn't use a bunch of scale runs when your doing a solo over an acoustic section. You should put in licks that involve maybe some slides, or soulful bends, to evoke more emotions, instead of just being badass. Harmony section was great though, it fit pretty well.

The melodic breakdown was pretty good, but once all of the instruments come in, you should only repeat the riff once, like with the harmony, instead of repeating it twice. Now as for the next riff, it was pretty damn kickass . I thought you were gonna have another solo though, and was kind of dissappointed when there wasn't one. Just have a face melter at like bar 262 or 270 to finish the song with.

overall it's a pretty good song, but some stuff either repeated too much or didn't fit well, and it could definitely use a second solo. Keep working on it man. 7/10
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