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Voters: 78.
I have a black and white paisly one, and i suit it, it also hide my mid-lenght hair but im sick of getting wierd looks and people calling me a pirate.
lol where are you from? i used to live near manchester. but yeh it depends if they suit you.
if you're a biker, or sylvester stallone, I suppose its allowed.
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I keep a blue bandana hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side

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I wear a bandanna sometimes. Only if I want to keep my hair out of my face. Yeah, I don't really do hats, so bandannas are the next-best alternative,

I only wear a black one, though. My red one doesn't look too horrible on me, but I can't find it. And white and blue don't really fit me too well.
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i'm a fan of the bandana, keeps my hair outta the way when it gets to hot out. i don't ever wear it if i'm going anywhere though, makes me feel kinda stupid like the pirate guy from doddgeball
A friend of mine wore a bandana to graduation.
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[quote="'']Damm! I missread the title, I thought it was about bannanas

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I wear a bandana over my face when I snowboard.

Next year, though, I'll be all about the Airhole.

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dont think anyone has posted it but hendrix used to soak his headband in LSD solution then make cuts in his head so he could see **** and stuff whislt on stage
I wear a bandanna most of the time, since I don't want to get a hair cut yet.
I wear them.
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