Hey all!

It was my 17th birthday on saturday which (lucky for me) is the age where relatives give you money becuase they dont know what to get. This leaves me with about £200 to spend on effects.

Im probably gonna get a crybaby wah (cos i need to controll distortion so the VOX is out tbh and i dont want to spend all of it on a wah pedal like a fulltone) and an MXR EVH Phase 90. Also, im looking for a chorus pedal and a echo/delay pedal too. A vocoder would be cool too, but im having trouble finding one that is operated by expression pedal.

Any suggestions would be great!

Main Gear:

Santiago S3 Spanish Classical
PRS CE22 Mahogany
Mesa/Boogie F-50 combo w/ G12K-100
Teese RMC Wizard Wah
Rothwell Switchblade
Ibanez FL-9
Visual Sound Liquid Chorus V2
I personally think the EVH Phase 90 isn't worth it. Since there's only one knob, the EVH switch doesn't really do much. So you're paying about double the price for a cool paint job. The regular one is awesome though.